Ready Your Retreat

Hard work doesn't teach you when to retreat, and, ultimately, that is what limits your creativity.

Twelve Weeks Of Writing Publicly: What I've Learned

My come to Jesus moment happened mid-February, “You are well on your way to becoming a bitter aging hipster.” So I made a deal with myself: Twelve weeks of writing every day. Here's what I've learned.

Love Thy Enemy

We have mistakenly come to the belief that it is a virtue not to have any enemies.

The Search For A Rite Of Passage

Our species has an entire library of technologies for managing transitions from one stage of life to another. They are called rituals.

The Logic Of Practice

How to choose a destination when the journey is sure to change your desires?

Breaking The Ice

It is said that there is nothing more difficult than a blank page.

Improved By Randomness

What have I traded for a life with “minimal” risk? What’s a life without sailing across the Atlantic, living as a writer, travelling, and giving of yourself until it hurts?

Why We Sit Still

Do you feel it yet? Every tiny sensation amplified to a hysterical scream? Has your mind started pleading? Offering riches and a lifetime of comfort if you would just move? Right. This. Instant.

Without Nation

My path to adulthood did not involve forming strong national ties. Trite as it may sound, there are meaningful bonds that I’ve given up in exchange for the freedom to roam.

How I Broke My Shoulder: Masculinity, Depression, and Feedback Loops

At eighteen I drank myself into oblivion. Before I succumbed to alcohol poisoning I picked a fight with a very violent person and I lost. This is how I think about being a man.